Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New Beginnings - with Nature

It is a new day as I write this. A beautiful dawn is unfolding on a summer day. Delicate golden sunshine is poking through tree branches and across dewy leaves. The birds are singing. The sound is drifting through blue sky and the still cool air. This is the Boreal Forest. (One of the nice things about summer here is that the nights are always cool.) This is a good place to begin.

Perhaps it should be mentioned here, at the beginning, what it is that I actually do. Yes, recording and producing nature sounds is a large part of what I do, as well as that, there is website writing (to advertise and sell the sounds), plus there is the photography and graphics for the website and CDs. Customer service is an important part of the job. So, life is divided between sitting at the studio workstation and being outdoors.

I will be writing about the adventures, the joys, perhaps the challenges, always about nature, and about the nature of recording natural sounds. Ideally, it will be an interesting and thoughtful read.

Karl Hamilton BFA

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