Monday, December 21, 2009

What a Magical Time of Year!

What a magical time of the year. As we approach the winter solstice, here in the north, the morning sun is sluggish to appear, twilight extends into the day and when the sun does appear, it creeps slowly along the southern horizon peeking through bare tree branches. The light is a golden hue, the same that you see in the fashion photos. And it lasts almost all day, except for a few hours near noon. Here the effect lasts 20 days, centered on the solstice December 21st.

What a magical time of the year!

A thick powdery blanket snow that covers everything is full of glistening sun sparkles which adds to this mystical feeling. These pinpoints of sparkles are always changing, moving in random currents, as they lead the eye this way and that, they are always in focus because of their singularity, but never fixed in position. The sharp sunshine courses through the crusty crisp winter air conferring precisely detailed horizons. The blending blues of the winter sky, unparalleled in clarity and intensity, deepest at the zenith, extend to the horizon. The winter quiet is punctuated by Raven.

What a magical time of the year!

The extra long winter nights mark a time when the whole infinite universe opens up. The still, frosty air causes the stars to appear brighter and they seem closer with their delicate colors more apparent. The constant flow of constellations, and the occasional shooting star, emphasize the vast periods of night silence. The wolves signal their approval.

What a magical time of the year!

Ethereal sun dogs hover through the afternoon giving angelic rainbow wings to the golden sun. The crystalline snow mirrors the blues from the sky above in the long winter shadows, contrasting with the smooth shining brilliance of the sunlit snow. The evening sunsets last forever, as the snow reflects a rainbow of hues. Sunsets linger, and linger, as if even the sun realizes the daily visit has been short.

What a magical time of the year!

The real magic is here…
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